There are lots of ways to make your home safer for you and your loved ones, but having the right grab bars correctly installed in the bathroom, among other key areas, is a great way to start.

You have questions; we have answers.

Some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) are listed below. See if yours is among them; then click on the question. And then CONTACT us to let us help you get started.

My mom is in a rehab center because of a knee replacement. She thinks she would feel more secure having grab bars in her shower. Does she need to be home to have the bars installed? Or can we put them in before she gets home?
The answer is yes, no, and maybe. Every situation is unique. Every installation is unique. If she is home, we can most accurately assess her needs, and she can choose the color and length of the bars that would best serve her needs (we carry stainless steel bars in brushed nickel, polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, white, and almond).

If a grab bar is needed by the toilet, you may want it installed ASAP - we can usually coordinate our schedule so that we can install the bars the day she comes home. Some rehab centers do a home evaluation before releasing the patient. If this is the case with your mother's rehab center, we can usually coordinate the time when the therapist and your Mom will be making the home visit, and install the bars during that visit. A third option is to have the therapist mark the wall with tape where the bars would be the most helpful. Safe installation, of course, is dependent on the location of the studs.
Are you able to install grab bars on a wall with ceramic tile?
Yes, we can install grab bars into ceramic tile in most cases. We locate the studs behind the tile and then carefully drill through the tile to secure the grab bar with stainless steel screws right into the studs. See examples in our gallery.
Will you install grab bars we have already purchased?
The answer is yes, no, and maybe. Grab bars installed in the tub/shower area need to be made of stainless steel so that rust will never occur. The location of the studs will determine if we can use your stainless steel grab bars in the tub/shower area because the length of the grab bar needed is determined by the location of the studs. If the grab bars you purchase do not work, we carry over 150 grab bars of various length and colors. We stock stainless bars from 12" to 48". The stainless steel bars come in brushed nickel, polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, white, and almond.
Do you have grab bars with a grip for my Grandma?
Yes we do carry grab bars that are stainless steel in various colors that have a grip feature on the back side of the bar that is very helpful.
We have a one-piece tub/shower unit made out of fiberglass. Can you install grab bars on the fiberglass unit?
Installing grab bars on fiberglass imposes special challenges due to the studs being 1" to 2" behind the fiberglass. We have a variety of techniques to properly secure the grab bar through the fiberglass into the stud behind the fiberglass. We would never just screw the grab bar on fiberglass as there is a very good chance the fiberglass could crack or the bar could fall off. We have installed over 5000 grab bars into fiberglass units.
My dad lives in Buffalo, Minnesota. Do you travel that far?
Yes. We regularly serve the 7-county area of the Twin Cities. We have installed grab bars in the following towns: Princeton, Forest Lake, Stillwater, Hastings, Farmington, New Prague, Chaska, St. Bonifacius, Maple Plain, Buffalo and Rogers. There may be an additional travel charge for some of the outlying areas. Call for a quote.
Do you carry insurance?
Yes, we carry liability insurance.
Can you help assess where the grab bars should be placed?
Yes, we can. We've installed over 70,000 grab bars and are able to make suggestions based on our many years of experience. One member of our team is a physical therapist with over 40 years of home care experience. If therapists are involved we greatly appreciate their input. Sometimes therapists will put tape on the wall or make a drawing where bars would be helpful.
Who will be doing the actual installation?
Paul does the grab bar installation with the help of Barb.
How does your business work?
When you give us a call, we will call you back within 24 hours. At that time we will give you a verbal quote. If you decide to have grab bars installed we can schedule the appointment at that time.
How much does it cost to have grab bars installed?
There are many variables that determine the cost of your installation. The Client Assessment Questionnaire might be helpful to prepare you for our questions. Give us a call and we will give you an estimate on the phone.
What do we do if there isn't a wall nearby or the studs aren't placed correctly?
We have many safety options to offer clients. One of them is the SuperPole; there's an example of one we installed in our gallery. You can download information from the manufacturer about the SuperPole here.
What if we also need additional items, modifications, or assistance to continue to live safely in our home?
We have been in this business a long time and have worked alongside a number of other outstanding area service providers. Check out our Resources page for suggestions.

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